Ventilateurs centrifuges / Moto turbines à réaction
R3G500-AP25-01 -  EBM-PAPST SARL


EC centrifugal fan - RadiPac Motor: M3G150-FF Technical description Mass 25 kg Size 500 mm Surface of rotor Coated in black Material of electronics housing Die-cast aluminium Material of impeller Aluminium sheet Number of blades 7 Direction of rotation Clockwise, seen on rotor Type of protection IP 54 Insulation class "F" Humidity (F)/environmental protection class (H) F4-1 Max. permissible ambient motor temp. (transp./ storage) +80 °C Min. permissible ambient motor temp. (transp./storage) -40 °C Mounting position Shaft horizontal or rotor on bottom; rotor on top on request Condensate discharge holes Rotor-side Cooling bore / aperture On rotor sides Operation mode S1 Motor bearing Ball bearing Technical features - RS485 MODBUS RTU - PFC, passive - Control input 0-10 VDC / PWM - Overtemperature-protected electronics / motor - Alarm relay - Integrated PID controller - Input for sensor 0-10 V or 4-20 mA - Output for slave 0-10 V - Motor current limit - Soft start - Line undervoltage / phase failure detection - Output 10 VDC, max. 10 mA - Output 20 VDC, max. 50 mA - External 24 V input (setting parameters) EMC interference immunity Acc. to EN 61000-6-2 (industrial environment) EMC interference emission Acc. to EN 61000-6-3 (household environment) Touch current acc. IEC 60990 (measuring network Fig. 4, TN system) Electrical leads Via terminal box Motor protection Reverse polarity and locked-rotor protection Protection class I (if protective earth is connected by customer) Product conforming to standard EN 61800-5-1 / CE Approval C22.2 Nr.77 + CAN/CSA-E60730-1 / EAC / NA / UL 1004-7 + 60730

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